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Is there a way to limit the number of news item categories that show up in the news drop down sub menu on the main menu?

I am using Folder:BS_Magazine_01


e107 version V2
closed with the note: I got it solved. thanks for all the info
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That theme has full support on github 


or on 2 other places (one is my own). 

If you mean the second main menu, it's done with theme shortcodes and all categories are displayed. 

One option is to change this to normal navigation and add needed categories manually. Or customized this shortcode with parameter limit. 




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here is the demo, https://www.e107sk.com/v2demo/magazine01/ 

I really don't know what you mean by top main navigation - I can't see any drop-down for news categories there.

All needed information is on that link, for example:

https://github.com/fizi/bs_magazine_01/issues -  issue tab, where you can create an issue if you want the answer from the developer (Fizi), using Github issues is easier because you can post images there in Chrome directly into the text.

and on Readme files are links to Support at the bottom:

Shortly:  https://www.e107sk.com/forum/fizi-e107-themes/

I can help but only because I have created that demo a long time ago, so I can test it, but nothing more.

Without problem create question here (your actual one is not clear), but if the answer is more complex, I will post it on my site and link here. 

I hope, it's clear now.






Thank you for the response and additional information jimako,

I will go ahead and take some screen shots and post them on github so that others will have a better undersanding of what I am dealing with.

I really appreciate your help.
You are welcome, not sure if I get the notification about your issue, but just mention my nick there with @Jimako or Jimmi08

This is a "copy" of the question that I posted on github, complete with images.





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