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I have a question, where can I delete the date of the news and can I also display the news alphabetically?
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Yes some is possible.

Date author etc.. (normally are all shortcodes ala { NEWSDATE } etc.. (old themes ones datestamp etc)

It also depends if your theme uses a newsstyle section or not.
If not create folder news in folder templates in your theme and copy at least
(.../templates/news/ php files inside theme)
Thes will override the core files (in case of update).

These files (templates in theme) needs changing especially news_template php) If you have new version v2 find  {NEWSDATE=short}  and delete it ( etc,, for author). That is the date.. Save and done

The changing for listing DESC to ASC not sure how it is triggered .. by name or date ( needs testing if you want to do that).
In short here's where to look what you might need, can not tell more https://github.com/e107inc/e107/search?q=ORDER+BY+news_datestamp+DESC&unscoped_q=ORDER+BY+news_datestamp+DESC

DESC would become ASC

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