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With my hoster one.com my site was blocked due to an 'infection by malware'. The reported files were all E107 authentic files. So false-positive, but I had to remove the files to unlock the site and be able to access it. Now I have a non-working site.

I tried to move the site to another host. With older e107  this was a piece of cake. Just copy the files, setup the connection to the database, copy database ... done.

However the current version does not work that easy. I copied the database, copied the files and changed connection. Then the website comes up, but without the images. They all show gray images and the site is fully unresponsive. I can login to admin, that does work and I changes some preferences. But I cannot get the site to work. Does anybody know what is going on?

Btw. I moved the site to a directory It was hosted on www.mysite.com to www.mynewsite.com/cms
e107 version latest from github
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Aside from possible url's in use ( search for old url in dbase works fastets, the issue has risen before:

Likely here you will find your answer. Especially the link for Jimako (sk)


(ps a site move is besides the hash folder and config files; quite still the same...Just look out for evt mailsettings....)
Is SSL in use....? certificate still in order?)

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