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Simple question: I have a line of text and I want it linked to a file on the my server (ex. doc, pdf) or upload the file from my computer.

I only get to write a link, not upload a file or choose a file, unless it's some sort of media (ex. image, video).

In short, the user clicks some text and the download of the file starts. What am I missing? Other CMSs have a simple button for this and it's solved.

Please advice.

Thank you
e107 version 2.2.1
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I have the folder tree and the files/lectures in those folders on my computer. I have also uploaded them via FTP (winSCP) to: /public_html/e107_media

So I need to select text (lecture title) from my page and assign a file (doc, pdf, etc) to it, to be dowloaded when clicked by my students (users). Basically public download.

Either you use Media Manager or you upload them manually. But I would use download plugin for managing pdf files, this way you can control access to them, but it's another story.


You can upload pdf with Media manager. I tested import/upload with Common Files category. The only problem I can see is the wrong URL path to it, but the PATH field is correct.

You will see something like that: {e_MEDIA_FILE}2019-12/filename.pdf     Copy it and put as the link to your text. It works, tested.  If you get how this works, you can upload them via FTP and guess correct path :)   {e_MEDIA_FILE} is just shortcode for your path to files subfolder. You can have your own path and set in e107_config file.

About URL path for pdf files I will try to create issue.




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Well, that's one way, but really, why is it so hard for e107 to add a button that opens a browse window to choose a file from... Omg. This is a waste of time, sorry, but I think I will move to another CMS which offers this simple, common tool. Like I said, I have 100s of links to solve and even with normal browsing would take me a while, let alone do some digging, and for what? For a button that's been aroun for decades in every OS, CMS and whatnot... Nevertheless, thank you for your time to answer, kind sir.
You are welcome.

In fact, you can upload it directly, I just did it. But for example, with pages, you can't select it afterward because only images and videos are allowed (each part of e107 has limited media categories). Common files are not allowed for pages. Nobody has complained about this  (missing files uploading in the text editor) yet.  I suppose it's for safety reasons.

And this was there before different way, but with Tinymce 4 this is pro feature to upload files directly.  

In fact, it's easier.  Because you just upload files with FTP and just copy the correct path with add link path. I wrote you a slower way just you get the idea of how to find the path.
I know, I did that and explained it earlier in this thread. Too much work for nothing. Would have been faster if I would have built the site from scratch with what I need only. :)) So anyway... Noone... As in NOONE needed some other files than media to be available for download from their site...? I guess it's true, because they didn't bother like me to ask and wait for a solution, they just switched to something else... Thank you again.
In my opinion, I think you'll want to use the Download plugin as this offers the functionality you are looking for. Did you try the plugin?
Yes. Useless.
It would help if you can explain what part you find to be useless. This way we can improve the plugin/CMS.

@Moc, I will try, if I can, maybe I got this wrong.

He is in tinymce edit field. He is writting text. He wants to add link to file to some text. If you use Add url button, you need to know exact URL adress, but that file is not on server yet.  So you want to upload it. If you use unbuilt media manager, you can upload pdf file but it is uploaded to Page images media category - or something like that (I consider this as bug, this shouldn't be allowed) - you can check this in MM, file is there with wrong category.  But you can't select it (you don't see it), because it is not image.

In WordPress you have under Tinymce button Add media file, after click you add any allowed media (you go to Media manager) or select anything from MM, and after selecting it's inserted as link to your body if it is pdf file (I don't use this way, but it works).  With e107 you have limitation for each bbarea field. See my issues about this topic.  

Problem is that there is no option upload pdf file (only image and video) and it depends on settings for edited field.  If you do it manually with MM, it works (common files category is used).  

Tinymce 3 had option to upload file to server and select it (you had to allow this in settings). Tinymce 4 doesn't have it (you can't allow it because it's paid feature).  CKE editor still allows this.

Added:  With dowload plugin you get URL adress for each download, yes, I would use it too, because it's good for SEO and you have overview for all files you put to download, but for so simple task it's too complex. Not mention access, but if you don't want so much new urls (it's not only one link)... shortly, problem is somewhere else, not in download plugin. 


Yes! This! Thank you. Select text in text editor, click a button, browse window appears, choose file (server or local), click OK, save, go back to page (frontend), click the text, the file downloads. That's it. E107 can't do that now. And I am talking aboup text in PAGES, not the categories defined with the download plugin...
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Text IS usable and since this cms has an own downloadsystem also, the problem may lay elsewhere.

Are you (not going into too much technical issues) are the 'owner' of the website in terms of the server, or are you only a 'user', aka allowed to use the websites folders/files etc..... (restrictions or deeplinking allowed etc..).

do please understand, the textfile'link' has to be complete eg ht.../folder/folder etc,extension.

Note some extensions will be refused due to security by some browsers, or at least will show warnings.

Lets put in an example : here is the TEXTLINK ... Html style with linkage...(it comes from our cms)

Since this (helpsite) is not the cms itself i can not demonstrate the download(system)button.

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Thank you for your time to answer.

To clarify:

1. I am the owner, I have full access to the server and to e107

2. I used lots of CMSs, I am not new to them, but so far, I like e107 the most

3. I am NOT a coder/programmer, I just need a site where my students can download their lectures from

My setup:

- e107 2.2.1

- Theme: Bootstrap 3 v1.0

I have multiple pages on, text in place (title of the lectures).

I have the folder tree and the files/lectures in those folders on my computer. I have also uploaded them via FTP (winSCP) to: /public_html/e107_media

So I need to select text (lecture title) from my page and assign a file (doc, pdf, etc) to it, to be dowloaded when clicked by my students (users). Basically public download.

So far, I only could add the direct link, like: /e107_media/folder_name1/folder_name2/folder_name3/lecture_title.pdf

but it's too much work, since I have hundreds of classes to add (not only mine).

Aaaaand, it opens the file, instead of downloading it. It needs to download, not open.

Thank you

It depends on your(user) browser settings when you put the direct link to pdf - Chrome opens in a new tab, Firefox downloads it. Or the opposite.
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