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Trying e107 after beeing using Joomla for several years. But where is the Getting started!?!? The voux i started to get arround with a bit, but the menulevel of 2-steps is not good enough. Then tried Bootstrap3 theme, but i can not figure out how to place my content on the first page. Tried to delete all "example content" but then it is impossible to publish anything on the welcome page. What am i missing or is there something wrong?
e107 version 2.0
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Welcome to e107! Sorry for the delay in answering your question.

The frontpage content is defined by your 'Frontpage' setting in the Admin Area (Admin Area > Settings > Frontpage). Here you can select which content should show on your frontpage. By default, for the bootstrap3 theme, this is the 'Welcome message'. For the voux theme it may be different.

Depending on your frontpage setting, you can show news, a custom page, etc.

The bootstrap3 layouts, have menu areas. The menu areas you see at the bottom of the frontpage after installation are there by default, but you can change them in the Admin Area > Menu Manager.
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Moc, I missed this question too and I am checking here each second day.  Couldn't be this by some caching?
For me, the question was there a week ago as well. Will check the caching settings to be sure.
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Your question was already answered, but if you need images.

I did this long time ago this for Nuke users:



And on this video, you can see it action: (first 37 seconds, don't miss it :)  



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