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I am new to e107 and on version e107_2.2.1 with the BS Game Plus theme.  The avatar function in the profile section isn't showing avatars.  I tried to put two avatars in the public_html/e107_media/(hash)/avatars/default directory.  It made the message about not having any default avatars go away but it doesn't show the avatars.  When I inspect the page for errors, it tells me: Failed to load resource: the server responded with a status of 404 (Not Found).

It also says it is looking for the file in the media/avatar/80x80/default directory.  I don't have that directory.  Do I need it?

The directories have 755 permissions and the avatar files have 644 permissions.

Also there is no upload button that allows the user to upload their own avatar.

How do I get default avatars on the system and how do I let users upload their own?

Thank you for any help.

e107 version e107_2.2.1
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Hi, welcome to e107! Let's see if we can figure this out.

- Which resources are failing to load? The two avatars/image files you put in the avatars/default directory?

- For the upload button; In Admin Area > Users > Options, did you check the option "Allow members to upload an avatar?"?

- Please try clearing all caches in Admin Area > Settings > Cache, and also clear your browser cache to be sure
Moc - thank you for your help.

What I get when I try to change my avatar with one of the two files I uploaded (via cPanel) to the default directory is the gray default avatar box of the showdow figure and when I click that box I get the "upload your avatar", a box to Browse to my avatar, the word "OR", then a small box with an "X" in it.  I notice the "X", which I see in the admin.php file as a default when it can't find the files.

I also tried to upload my own avatar file and now in my user profile under the Avatar section I see a box with an "X" in it and "Click on the avator to change it"  However, it is showing the avatar in the chatbox - so somewhat progress.  It is showing the avartor on the site just not in the profile section.

I was able to turn on the upload avatars and photograph functions in the user options section based on the info you gave me and I was also able to clear the cache - thanks.

It sounds like there is some weird issue going on that prevents the image from displaying. It does show the box with the X, meaning it correctly registers the image, it just cannot render it. Perhaps some caching/URL/permission issue. 

Please contact me in the Gitter chatroom: https://gitter.im/Moc so I can help you out in real-time chat. Thanks! 


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Solved in Gitter chatroom.

- Avatar uploading setting was turned off

- Using an incorrect .htaccess file caused the avatar not to render on some pages
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