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We have created several plugins on our website for maintaining and displaying data for various categories for a music related website.

We have categories such as Record Labels, Artist Managers etc but none of them appear in search results on the website main search.

I would like to add the information contained in the plugin database tables to the search, I know that I'll probably need an e_search.php file in the plugin folder, but I am stuck on how it should be written, effectively I just want to add the plugin tables to the search.

Any help would be very much appreciated, I haven't just come here and asked without already trying to find a solution multiple times.
e107 version Version 2.2.1
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Did you check the e_search.php example in the _blank plugin folder?

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You indeed need the e_search addon. There is an example in the _blank plugin. 

To give you more help on how to write the file, we need more information about the database structure of your plugin, and also about the information that you want to display. In order to figure this out, it's best to find us in the Gitter chatroom (https://gitter.im/e107inc/e107) so we can help you out real-time.

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