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I'm curious.. in the news grid menu under configure -> limits is number of items to display, number of feature items title character limit and summary character limit. They're all self-explanatory except for feature items... under news there isn't a way to make a news item featured also.

Anyone has any knowledge of it?

e107 version 2.1.9
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It depends what exactly is to be achieved. Thinking a little different...

If you want a kind of sorting alike the most important news item is shown as the 'best/most important' yes you can
achieve that with changing the date to the earliest one.
Example : created on the 01 sept 2019. 
Now in the mean time you have created a lot more after that, but you also have items that are older...

Due to date it will be displayed somewhere in the middle. You can change its position now to alter the date.

Was the first item somewhere in may for example, you could change the date's item to reflect a date before the one from may.. So it assumes its position as first in row...

Also to keep in mind that this DOES affect the news page if choice of setting is also for default template eg.. you loose the structuring (desc/asc). All dates are kind of mingled...

Effect can be played with (using sticky in create/edit) AND assigning the template for it. So a mix of sticky could be in grid menu (and thus be linked to newsposts) only, if default is not in use.. (kind of most popular or important items).

In this way you can achieve by experimenting certain ways to have things re-arranged, but there is NO need to change (hack) core files...
Since it is a bit strange around the date displ, you COULD hack templates (copy the changed ones to theme folder/news.....etc..)..
in case dates or not important (hide/delete them).

basically the 'read' source  (list view template) and categories do influence all. (the above mentioned using the grid somewhat different 'splits'the displaying) Where you want to use the grid menu display itself on site ( on top of news page itself?? like forum latest) can also make things look different...
Needed is some ideas, and imagination.
Hope it helps. Success

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