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I was running few e107 based pages around 13 years ago (for local scouting organization or gaming ones) and i have only good memories about using this solution. Currently I am thinking about something new and i got 2 questions:
1) Is it an option to create 9gag like webpage (based on users posts) page on e107? (not nessesery based on images but more on text and image as an option)
2) Is there an option for users to register, login, comment using facebook?

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e107 version i can use any which will be needed
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Yes both are possible. It depends on your own knowledge. (theming and little coding).

Most basic functions are present, but setting up these kind of sites will take effort/time (security, access and good serving).

The latest version is always best, since it is most up to present day used background services.

I.E. serving is meant : a lot of deeplinking and outsourced connection.. not every provider will allow that.
Dedicated servers could provide a (costly) solution
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