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I want to just prevent the viewing of the code from the view source in the browser but not prevent the php files from being executed. Can this be done ?
e107 version 2.2.0
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This is not e107 specific. Hiding the source code in browsers is simply not possible.
Google is your friend here.
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Helas, while you van make more diffculties in there, as far as i am aware of, no.

Right click, js obfucate minify...
In the older html days it was more easy, you could 'scramble' with extras the entire html...
the modern browser play a part to in this...Hence Win does not like ctrl,alt,delete alternative..
On site  Ctrl+U  or inside browser addressbar (after url)  F12....   how to disable those?
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Could you be a bit clearer in your answer its a bit hard to understand.
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