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My site is powered by e107 2.1.6.
After installing versions 2.1.7 and higher (up to 2.2.0),
I can not register on the site.
I enter my username and password, but nothing happens.
Error messages are not displayed.
What to do?
Apache 2.4
PHP 5.6.32
MySQL 5.6.38
e107 version 2.1.6
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Needs more info.. where you logged in during updating  and/or used syncing with Git or manual full pack or upgrade install pack?

Maybe it is a cache or cookie remaining in your browser; try to clear those

I installed the full e107 package.
Installed on a local server - Open Server 5.2.2.

Apache 2.4
PHP 5.6.32
MySQL 5.6.38

Cleaned the cache or cookie, NOK.

2 Answers

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did you try and update the PHP version to a 7.xx?

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Tried to upgrade PHP version to 7.xx, NOK.
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Which theme are you using?

Do you try to login using a menu (dropdown for example) or via /login.php?
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I tried through the menu and through login.php.
Nothing happens.
The system does not issue any messages.
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