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Hello, I'm still new to e107 and have the Relive Bootstrap 3 theme installed. I like it very much only the newsletter function and comments I can not make invisible. Comment function is issued but still visible. How can I turn off the newsletter function and that is not "comment" off?




Leave a comment, comment and Newsletter subscribe this is what I mean.
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Well it is partially done by theme parts.

First if you like to dismiss them both go into theme (Relive) go to temlates and delete/rename the comment template.

This does NOT influence the core comment template as it is a special designed/adapted 'copy'. and overrides.
So when you should have done this and refresh the page, it would seem to be have gone. Ok.

Now step 2
Since you use the About page and the comment template from theme is 'gone' . you might notice then (refresh the About page), you could/would notice there is now a new 'bar' for comment.
Oh no ;-)  well that is an option for page... Go into edit mode of the About page (custompages/plugins) > About.
The second bar option (page options) has likely been set to use Comments ON (etc..) disable it and your done.

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Yes, page and news can set ON/OFF comments. And you can set comment system OFF generally for all site in preferences.

Out of topic: I am always curious why it is that when people have a problem with the theme with its own support, why they don't ask there. 

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