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Hi, I have recently started in a new project got as a a task to upgrade the webpage to the most recent version of e107. Now, the SW  version we use is very(!) old. v0.6171 build 20050513. So now it is time to upgrade. However, as we will have to upgrade this in multiple steps, to get up to the latest version, I was planning to backup the /var/www/html/project folder and restore it on a virtual machine, locally. There I will be able to test an upgrade to make sure it is working before I deploy it.

​This is where I am now. I have installed a replica of the environment on the vm, backed up and restored the MariaDB database. I have copied the /var/www/html/project folder from the old machine to the new machine. It may be worth to mention that the new machine did not e107 installed.

However, this did not work well. I am not able to see any content and redirects are not working. It seems as if there is some environment being set on installation, which is not done here. Would anyone know how help?



e107 version v0.6171
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Hi, welcome to e107! :) 

Creating a backup of the database and files is a very good start. 

Apparently the replica of the vm is different somehow. Can you maybe show us a screenshot of what you can see? I understand that content is missing and redirects are not working, but I'd like to see which part of the website DO render. 

I am not too familiar with version 0.6 of e107, so unfortunately I cannot be of much help. 

To be honest, in case you are thinking of updating to the latest version of e107 v2. I would definitely encourage you to start with a clean installation of v2, and start copying content over manually. I am not sure how much content there is on the old website, but doing a manual copy and paste may in fact be far more effective as you will not run into upgrade and incompatibility options. 

In case you do want to try and update from 0.6 to v2, try this: 

1) Update to 0.6175 first 

2) From that version, then update to 1.0.4 (https://sourceforge.net/projects/e107/files/e107/e107%20v1.0.4/)

And see if things start to work from there, you can consider updating to v2.

3) http://sourceforge.net/projects/e107/files/e107/e107%20v2.1.9/e107_v1.x_to_2.1.9_upgrade.zip/download




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Hi and sorry to for being so late with commenting.

I noticed there were some issues with SELinux as well, so I figured I would have to deal with these as well.

Regarding screenshots, I doubt they are useful in anyway. What I mean with "I am not able to see any content", I mean the whole page is blank in the browser. Further, the content is proprietary, so I think it might be complicated.

But yes, the environment is not an exact replica. The host address is different. I see the code is fetching a lot of information about the site from the sql db. Something like this,


It is hard to be sure, but it is very possible that there are some search issues. The problem is also that the table is very big and hard to work with in this version. Do you know anything how content.php is used to list frontpage content? Further, do you have any good way to deal with restoring on a server with another name?

Just adding ( out of working/upgrading older versions (helas no v0.6) to modern use (aka v2) it is a necessary step (imo) for a lot of old coded files and structures to (when able) that the php version is NOT higher than 5.3.6.

If that php version is there and runs, and an update (steps) do function you can easily transfer the files (hopefully succesfull v2.1.9 or 2.2.0 version) to a server running on php 7.1 or 7.2 as v2 is at that level.

The old php is merely for easy upgrading the old e107 versions, and for those that still use versions lower than 1.0.4  best to have an old 'virtual' or pc install at hand(stored) like xampp or any other.
Seems as if there was some problems with php plugins. No issues with migrating e107, so to say. Thanks for the advices about the upgrade though. I will try to follow them. Cheers!
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