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When putting an image on a page (either tiny or plain editor) how can i add a link to a max size image in a modal.

Since modal is present, and gallery uses it too, i am lost how to incorporate it. (yes i can link to full size, but i loose some navi when displaying things on f.e. phone view eg. is new page).
Modal should/would correct this since it will be responsive.

This time i am lost.... (would like to stay in system, not adding another add on).


e107 version git (2.2.0)
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So you don't want to use pretty-photo already in core from gallery plugin?  

If you want to use bootstrap modals, you need modal window in theme (there is prepared some one I think) and use core classes for modals e_modal with

I did this in some themes...  but, yes, you are on right track, it's already in core.
Yes @Jimako i would like to use one of those, but this would be a 'tailored/private' usage. It would be easier to add (iff i needed to use an outside source (possible case or existing one) a class or rel (links) by the click of a button.( 1 option for all users if needed).

Just did some reading through tinymce and the option seems (yes also the' adjusted version available which e107 uses (aka limited tiny)) to be the link plugin (can only find a single related in 'our' tiny) has the possibility.

Problem is .. is it there (can not see) and how (no knowledge) how can i incorporate extra plugin or some pieces into wysiwig or config  from tiny.... examples in tiny itself exist, but ours is specially crafted in coding....

(alongside : The similar which you seem to seek by gitter question ; css = importcss plugin i guess...)
e107 strips tinymce functionality, I can't change it with source code like before.  Nonsense.   Probably because of safety...  I couldn't believe it!   And you can't use html code in bbcodes editor because the bug that only I consider as a bug.  

There is plugin or theme which extend tinymce templates, I am curious in this because I used it before.  And then I found they switch any images to bbcodes!

I need to finish OpenMind theme / tutorials for somebody, then I will look at this. Any links are welcomed... I am sure I did this in pages for somebody before... like gallery in tinymce.  You can post me any useful links on gitter, if you want.

@Jimako Yes about the 'gallery'part (cq prettyphoto) you used it in Freelancer theme (portfolio) part, by templating.

Some things were also run (v1) by iBrowser (images editor alike)

As for the thing related to tiny; from memory there was a donationwareplugin by mygoggie (2011) called 

WYSIWYG - purple_wysiwyg 

Using waybackmachine here's the original post : https://web.archive.org/web/20110405213253/http://e107.org/e107_plugins/forum/forum_viewtopic.php?147857

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I do not know if I understood you well, but try this.


I will also want to add a full screen function to the pictures.

I have not tested it yet. So you can do it for me and say it works;)
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Thanks for reply. I know different ones too (like the original lightbox also bootstrap). Those all fall in the category to be added to the system, and than again they all rely on adding a class or rel... And there lies the problem.

Staying in php (and how the system reacts) it will not accept that. Using plain html there's no issue whatever.

In the most easiest way (also in regards to the users all over) the best idea (imo) would be a selectable button (or style option alike) .. ala  those intermediate 'enhanced' linkage option(s).
Maybe it is there, but i just do not see it (can be me, or something like it is missing, in which case it could be a good enhancement.
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