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I'm testing my website, which works on the gaia-light template.

Everything works as it should on the computer.

The problem is on the phone.

He cuts my side.


How can I change it so that I can scroll the page without cutting the content.



And one more thing.
I would like to set these elements so that their contents are always displayed. And not when we mouse on them.
Your phone requires a click and the item is a link to the category.

e107 version 2.1.9
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Thank you for using my theme.  I am sorry but Light version is not maintained anymore.  It was just an example of how to use paid HTML theme by Creative Tim. 


and there is already paid version for e107 too


Your second problem should be solved by some CSS tweeks.

Sorry I don't understand what you mean by "He cuts my side.". Your screenshots look pretty normal to me.  Check links above on mobile too.

This site is not for the support of custom themes and my time is limited. Thanks for understanding.




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I'm sorry, for a poor translation, but I'm a foreigner.

I already explain.
My page is displayed on PC.
First line
Page title.
Site description.
And the scroll button.

When the page is on a mobile device, this content is cut off. You can not see it. The only thing you can do is go to the next section. It does not look very aesthetic.
Not tested, just by looking : i do not think the contents will be cut, but i do see the background image does not follow responsive. (eg gets smaller). (so the 'area build' will shift)

Since this is probably not the original one, maybe there lies the issue.

Test case, please scroll to left/right side, if the content will 'flow'. If yes.. than theres a 'size'issue.
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