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Hello I have paid for 2 domains. When I enter an IP address with a port I have no problem with the site but when I set it through my domain, it shows a white page and writes that I can not reach my site. I'm starting another platform where you can also make a site, but it's more like FTP and from there it immediately puts me on the site. That is, I have a problem with e107. Somewhere I miss a setting I have to do.

Thanks in advance.
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Can you show us a screenshot of the message you get on the white page?
Hello, the company from i bought a domain send me this email.

"Hello, Redirection can not be done because of a restriction in your system. The reason for this is that your system has a X-Frame-Options header: SAMEORIGIN. This means that the site or individual resources from it can only be loaded from the same domain (in your case only from the IP address). It is necessary in your system to allow the domains from which you want to load it, which will solve your problem."

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Thank you for providing the information from your hosting provider. 

Please add this to your e107_config.php file:

define('X-FRAME-SAMEORIGIN', false);

More information here: 

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Wow thank you very much for the quick answer my problem is solved continue in the same spirit.
Thanks again you are the great !
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