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i used to use a membership plugin called gold member in my old V1 site. this has stopped working and i need a similar plugin for my V2 site? does anyone know of a plugin that creates member status based on payment?
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There is a plugin on nlstarts site 'easy paid members' https://e107.webstartinternet.com/page.php?11 not sure if it works on V2 though

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If everybody who has access to e107gold.com, join with others, there could be updated and tested version already!  

Easy paid members plugin is licensed software, but it doesn't work with version 2 without replacing not supported functionality. You don't have access to source code (for normal users), so you are not able to fix it. Your access is done by year subscription for some domain. 

By the way, the gold member plugin is missing in my collection of old V1 plugins. Source code would be nice, if it's GPL license.



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You can get thos v1 plugins from here: http://e107gold.com/

I can't because I am not registered and I can't create a new account on father barry site because not working captcha.
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