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Hello guys,
Do you know if exist a plugin that implements this bbcode for e107 v2?
I found two plugins that did it, but the problem was that plugins was only for v1.x and didn't work with v2. I've tried it.
Somebody found a plugin? Or how hard is upgrade these plugins to convert them to be compatible with v2?

One is advance BBCode, and the tother is simply spoiler.


e107 version 2.1.7
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Do you mean this?


If something is missing or doesn't work, create forum post.

Download is available only for members, because it's not finished or fully tested.


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Thanks! I'll try it!

Hmm a small question, what is the difference between e107.org and e107.sk? I didn't know the second syte.

e107.sk is my "personal" site. It was meant as support site for Slovak community, but because I am one and only who uses new version in Slovakia, it's in English. But be warned -  very poor English. With this site I have notification so if I am online, I can react very quickly.

There are other support sites - Hungary, Russian, Italy what I know.

Spoiler plugin is in restricted section because I just fixed for somebody, but there can be changes in future, so I need to know who uses it. Then I found AdvBBcode plugin and I think it would be better to update this one. I just haven't time to look at it. So it left in state - you can use it on your own risk.

PS. Personal is in quotes, because that stupid law about digital goods in past in EU it's officially running under my family company, what  has VAT number.  But from 1.1.2019 there are changes and I run 2 sites now: https://www.e107sk.com/
Thanks gimaco for your answer!
I tried the plugin, and works fine! but I have a small question about it; but I think that is better do the question in your forums. ¡thanks!
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