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I am using 2.1.9 and I am not the person that first created this site.  I have no experience with this or any other CM software.  I have migrated my site to a new host (A2) and still have the old host site working. My problem is that whenever I click on the link for my site through the new host (A2), i get the admin login page asking for my username and password instead of the front page of my site.  I have my old set up under 0.7.xx and it does not have this issue.  Also, I am having trouble updating from 1.xx to 2 as it lists a number of errors indicating "media not imported".  Is there a file to change or setting to adjust to correct this?  Thanks!
e107 version 2.1.9
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The migrated piece is an upgraded version ?
What php version is running?.

Is the link for your site (suppose is same as old one) also changed by IP? (in site preferences maybe a fixed domain name in use?).
Updating/-grading 0.7 to v2 is best done (not live but on pc locally)  in steps ?>
0.7 > 1.0.4 > v2 (ex 2.1.9) (thus check outcome IN EACH version, before moving on), BUT you could end up in php circumstances that some parts of your old site use too old pieces of code, that interfere with the present php coding..(Going over php 5.3.6 with 0.7 xx ; some v1 versions could indicate such (specially plugins).

please  keep in mind that the first 0.7 version is dated 2006, and we are on the verge of 2018/19 so there are many changes (in php, sql, coding etc...)

Maybe a url (even the old one) could shed some more insight.
Thank you.

I realized that my page opens at admin in order to make necessary adjustments for upgrades in order for the site to work properly.  I have been able to correct most errors and the front page of the web site now displays correctly.

I still have a weird problem in which i created required table entries (columns) but after doing so, the database verification shows that I need to create another entry in the same table with the same attributes.  For example, i created a column entry as linkcategory_id as Primary and auto_increment but after running the database validity option, I am told that i am missing another column field of categorylink_id which also must be designated as Primary and auto_increment.   Trying to set both as Primary with auto_increment is not allowed.  What to do to fix this?

Not too familiar with sql statements etc., but i do believe it comes closest to (please read)

and or :  composite key sql (search term).

The general method is likely sql based solemly, not related to e107 system.
i hope i am correct assuming this.

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