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Hello All...am new op e107...it is quite a script. My question is fairly simple and it has me scratching my head. What's happening is whenever i type a word in site links, for some reason the script is inserting a space  in the middle of the word?

See menu bar at  https://seeya.us/

e107 version 2.18
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Is this default installation without any custom plugins?  Try to use latest github, but I have never seen something like that. It looks like wrong manip with array...  

So, no, this is not standard behaviour and it's not css issue either.   Try to use latest github, not 2.1.8 version.  Does default installation do the same thing?
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Will check all this tonight and grt back...am thinking this turned up after I enabled word wrap

Thank you for responding back
I found solution...in Setup-Preferences-Text Rendering - theres an option for "Wrap long words"

I specified "6" and that's what it did...ie...inserted space in words longer thna  characters...not what I was expecting.

On to the next windmill...:)

Great you found it.  I have never heard about this functionality. Good to know.
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