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In Version 1.0.4 I could under Settings -> Front Page for Example make Guest custom/welcome.php and then all users will see the page. This work 100%.

In 2.1.9 it seems to not work as expected. The screen just give a black screen. If I select the menu function or direct link it work, biut not with custom/welcome.php. I get an error - Bad request - destination unreachable - /custom/welcome.php

Any idea why this happen and to get around it without the need to type in the whole URL in Settings -> Front Page


e107 version 2.1.9 and 1.0.4
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Question for github developers

If you use SEF-URLs, you can't use relative adress anymore. 

My quess:  according this issue bellow, try use {e_BASE}custom/welcome.php


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