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So, the signature field uses the tinymce editor when you edit your signature, allowing you to format and make links things in your signature, but when you save it, all of the formating is stripped.

I'm guessing that this is similar to  Is there a way to enable color text in tables? [closed]

However, I don't know where I'd go to affect the allowed tags there. That's why I come here, hoping one of you wonderful people might help lead the way.


e107 version 2.1.9
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Write example.  Because I can see that people use bbcodes without problem in signature.

In fact I was already curious how signature works.
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It strips standard italic tags...  so problem is somewhere else...
Ok, end of talking to myself.  I had to set tinymce off because it stripped bbcodes too. If I need html articles, I will write it somewhere else and then I just copy html code to bbcode textarea.  If you want, create issue on github, it has nothing with problem before.  I ended with using tinymce editor for some time again.
Yeah, the signature field uses tinymce, but it doesn't keep any formatting done via the tinymce editor. It will accept basic bbcode it seems, I was able to bold a word using bbcode.
Create issue about this on github, please.
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