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I'm posting this in Core but if it better fits in plugins, please move it.

I'm using e107 to build and manage my wiki for my tabletop RPG. Sometimes my players like to print off pages that are relevant only to them. However, it appears that there isn't a printer friendly version for the pages in e107 (unless I'm missing something). This makes printing things difficult, especially when it doesn't print a full table or whatever.

So I'm wondering, is there a print version setting I forgot to enable? Or maybe a plugin?
e107 version 2.1.9
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Did you try to look at print template?  And customize it under your theme?

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Yes, but you have to change the theme/template etc.. to use it . (eg shortcode) print is IN system bundled

Printing is normally activated by use of an icon (printer friendly).

Look at themes  Blanks : Voux or Landingzero > templates>newstemplate   ({PRINTICON}) etc...


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This of course works by default for the news articles.

How does one enable this for the pages though? I'm not seeing a means or method. I can't even find which template the social sharing icons are placed for the pages. Quite frustrating...
Yeah I kept trying. This seems impossible. I've messed around with page.php where the icons for social sharing, editing, and such are for pages. I've looked at the news_template.php for the theme I'm using and the examples you gave. I see nothing to change or add as the shortcode for the icon exists, it simply will not show up on the page, despite being able to show up on news articles. So I can only theorize that there is something stopping a print icon for a print friendly book page to show up.

I even changed the page.php? part of the web address to print.php? which is what the print layout seems to do. However nothing in the page will show up in that layout as it seems to expect a news article.

In the meantime, I've added on a firefox extension to grab a print friendly version of the pages for/if anyone needs me to print one for them. It would be nice though IF people could print them from home straight from the website. But at least until this gets figured out I have a work-around solution.
If you wait for while, 2 weeks maybe, I will solve something similar.
I'll be waiting :). No rush, I can use the firefox extension in the meantime.
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