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How to restore my old website from backup?
e107 version e107_2.1.9
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It depends on your backup.
When you have ALL  (files,folders + Dbase) it is easy.

Just for extra caution: make a new backup from the present (allthough may be faulty); just in case, not to loose anything.

Restoring up : supposing you have ALL in backup (like a 'backup mirror site')

(double check your config php (present)  before you start and after (backupped old one) you finished for credentials)

Simply 'clear'your server (files) and empty dbase.
Upload all your (backup)files to the now empty server, and import the backupped dbase onto your sql server. ( same name)
As long as your credentials (paths + names) are still ok, your site should run out of the box..
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Please watch email
Thank you. I found  a full backup made in 2017 on my hard disk and have suceeded to restore my website to 2.1.6. Now I need to upgrade to newest version.

P.S. Tools of E-107 is making not full version (4 folders) although is written that will be full
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