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Hi all you very helpful people, I am still a newby,  And I want to mix themes and PHP.


I basically want to use my previous index.php, as the foundation of my theme. So that I can replace my previous Login/Logout or signup buttons from e107 templates. Obviously at some point I also want to include various other buttons to give access to the rest of the e107 functionality. But lets start witht the basics and add the rest later.

I am guessing I should be basing this in a theme but I do not understand how to edit a theme.  What language am I writing? Emmet? How much can I achieve in the Theme.XML file? Where is the documentation that explains all this? I presume I need to start with the blank theme and then add my CSS and then create the theme header and footer and other areas which I can then use in standard PHP files.

With thanks in advance


Robin M
e107 version Version 2.1.9
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theme.xml is just settings, nothing more

otherwise good old php, html, css and javasript.

I am not aware if there is any official documentation, but you can look at e107.org, maybe you find something usefull.

You can look at my old (OLD is important word, some things work different way now) to get picture:


But it's easy to look at any new theme (or updated Solid theme) to see what is done new way.  And there is Starter theme I use for my themes, if you want. 

Oh, and it's good practice if somebody answers your questions (you have some other already here) to add some feedback there. To know if your questions can be closed.



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