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I am a newby with a few days experience.

Sign up and Sign in are on the footer?! The way my screen is setup that means I have to scroll to find them.

Is there a theme with them on the header? I see I can add a link to the signup page in the header but that still leaves the sign in on the footer, which uses a form not a separate page.

Is there away of moving them to the header or is this specific to the voux theme. Which themes have them in the header?

Being slightly security conscious i log out and log in every time.

I suppose I can change my "not logged in" state to be just a blank page. I was hoping to show news.
e107 version Version 2.1.9
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This is specific for Voux theme. There was setting for this in theme preferencies where to display this (second Tab in Theme detail).

Almost each theme has at header. Or in sidebar menu.

I don't understand the rest.
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