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I've made an animated gif wich I have uploaded through the media-manager and then added it to a menu. The first picture of the gif is shown but no animation. When I open the gif in firefox from my desktop the animation is working. Is there a problem when using the media manager or anything else?
e107 version 2.1.9
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Animated is difficult, so i tested a few things. Using mediamanager i can upload and see etc...but i can not use the 'path's' that are created by media manager ( it uses thumb php to interact).

Can i thus not use ani gifs ? Yes you can... and it works.
needs some more fiddling... when creating a page or a menu just upload the gif as usual (this can be by m-manager).

Now the image will be stored inside the folder on your server. 
Now use insert media icon (or alike); and paste the absolute url to it like :


 [img width=250&title=Tenor]httXX://domainl/e107_media/xxxxxxx/images/2018-09/tenor.gif[/img].

Note .. some will work without full url with httXX some not, just try (above code is generated  in editor) 

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