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I am getting down to the last few bugs and found two remaing Im having a hard time fixing

Contact Us form
I did manage to get it working for the most part but for some reason there is html tags showing in the subject line of the incomming emails. I will try and paste below but not sure if the post will show it or not. If this is a known issue please let me know how I can fix it, I am using php method (set in admin cp)

This is what appears in the subject line
<td class="forumheader"subject</td></tr> from

The second issue is how can I change the color of the red "required fields" when the page notifys and draws a red box around the text field of the required fields?.. I looked though the css but couldnt find it
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<td class="forumheader"subject</td></tr> from 

you are missing closing tag for first td tag - so your html markup is messed up and you see it on output

2. it depends on your code and your theme. Normally it should be done by css, but if there is inline styling, it could be done by javascript -  there are neverending possibilities. I tried to check it on my site but I don't have them .there, by default this is managing different way.




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yeah I realize its a tag issue... it seems to me the first tag which would be the td class is closed but the second tag (tr) is closing but is not opened or does not appear

I am using the rideblue2 them on version 2.17

Im just thinking of a way to find the missing tag , I did look through the style sheets but didnt notice anything that stood out as far as tags go, what would you reccomend?

I do have it set to send  text emails, I thought that would fix it but still no, even changing the send mail method dont fix it

It might make more sence to write my own contact form then debug that, it seems there are several support files where the problem could be it not in the style sheet.

any ideas how I can get this bug now you know which version/template I am running?


It's not theme problem.  I just checked it out and it works normally.  I am author so I should know.

There is no red warning for me either, it has default bootstrap behaviour:


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