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It's not clear from picture what breadcrumbs are. Chapter? Page? Other plugin? It looks like page.

Chapter -  remove breadcrumbs from chapter template

Pages -  copy core template to theme and remove breadcrumbs there (this theme doesn't have custom page template, it uses core one)

Good idea:  create copy of theme.

I am not aware that you can set breadcrumbs off in preferencies.

Or just hide it by css

If something of above is not clear for you, it's hard to answer if I don't know what you know about e107 and I don't want to explain basic things.
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its my home page www.omervural.pro.... i want to remove home icon and home page
Ok. so it's homepage.  There is nothing like this in default installation.

What you have set as your Frontpage?  There should be index.php

If there is index.php, there check your menu manager what menu you put there.
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