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Hi all,

I updated my e107 websites to 2.1.7 from 1.0.x roughly one month ago .

After the update both sites were running fine. But I didn't have a look at them in the last weeks. Now I noticed that one of the sites just shows a blank page. Displaying the page source also shows nothing.
URL of the not working page: https://www.digioso.com/baod

With googling I found this: https://github.com/e107inc/e107/issues/525

I added the echos to class2.php and finally arrived at line 247.

246 echo "Echoing on line: ".__LINE__."<br />";
247 e107::getSingleton('eIPHandler');            // This auto-handles bans etc
248 echo "Echoing on line: ".__LINE__."<br />";

The echo in line 248 is not shown.

I also read that changing the theme to bootstrap3 directly in the database may help. I did that in the SitePrefs column in the e107_core table. But that didn't help either. I've changed it back to my old theme now.

Unfortunately I've also removed the backups from before the update, because it was working after the update...

Do you have any idea what the issue could be?

Thanks a lot!
e107 version 2.1.7
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I would quess that you got ban by IP but then I would be able to see you site (from other IP). Now ban is not only in database table, but on server in files too.   I can't find it now, somewhere in system folder, name like banlist (2 files). 

If it's not this, you should set php_errors ON (on hosting or in e107_config.php 

error_reporting(E_ALL); ini_set('display_errors', 1);

Or your could comment that line 247 to see what it's doing.

Or check server logs for php errors or access 

What php version are you using?

That singleton uses e107_handlers/iphandler_class.php  - maybe you can follow here with your echoing.  

Sorry, I use 2.1.8 version from github.

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OK, what I did now: I exported my database and I used the export data function in e107.
Then I reinstalled the whole thing with 2.1.8 from Git.
Afterwards I reinserted the tables using phpMyAdmin.
I had to do this because - for whatever reason - e107 doesn't want to import the data back into e107.
When I select the file and hit the upload button I'm back at the import page. So... I took the hard way and did it directly on the database.

Install.php has also been removed and I turned off the PHP show error function. So the warning messages are gone as well. And you're right with the .htaccess issues. I had to remove the .htaccess file. Otherwise it would just say permission denied for the whole site.
baod/e107_plugins/forum/install.php should get you to a 404 page. At least it does for me. Can you please check again?

From my perspective everything (except .htaccess) is now working as it should. Whew. Thanks a lot for your help. :)

By the way - How you set your forum to be displayed (that its exists) with text (Restricted Access)? 

In the forum settings you can set the visibility for each forum. I set them to 'Member'.

It looks correct. Good job. 

I know I can set visibility, it just doesn't work at my site.  I will create issue about this. Quest doesn't see that forum (like I see it at your site)  and text "Restricted access"  is written with open Forum.

Thank you.


You're welcome.. :)
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