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e107 version 1.0.3
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I haven't upgraded in awhile (as you may have slightly noticed) but the last time that I did I could have sworn all that I did was extract the upgrade files and overrode hte old. Is there more to it than that? When I upgrade it's just a blank white screen and I have tried to upgrade 1.03 to 1.04 with the same results.

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Steps to upgrade to e107 v2.x: 


  1. Backup all your files and your database (use you hosting control panel to do so, or ask your webhosting provider for the best way to perform a backup). 
  2. Make sure you update to the latest version of e107 v1: 1.0.4. 
  3. Download the upgrade files from https://e107.org/download
    Use "Upgrading from v1.x to 2.x.x (latest version)
  4. Overrwrite all existing files with the files from the upgrade package you just downloaded. 
  5. Go into the Admin Area by navigating to "yourwebsite.com/e107_admin/admin.php"
  6. You should see a message that there are database updates available. If not,  Go to Tools > Database > Check for database updates. You may need to run the updates multiple times. Once all updates are completed your website should be ready to go using the latest v2.x version. 

If you run into any issues, find support as described here: http://e107.org/community

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Update at first to 1.0.4 

From 1.0.4 I just updated, so I know that it works. But be aware of old plugins, most of them doesnt work under php 7

- use files Update from 1.x to 2.0

- you will get info about files that need to be deleted -  delete them  (it will be twice - automatical delete and manual delete)

- update system (message Add new or missing core settings)

- if everything works, do Update from 2.1.4 to 2.1.5

- do the update of plugins banners and download

If you get white page -  switch to bootstrap3 theme and unistall (without deleting data) plugins marked as no compatible with version 2 (or better let there only compatible plugins).

Then find the reason of white page.




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You may have a better idea but here's what I am trying to do. I run a gaming community that has hit 13.5 year mark. People have been pushing for a new website. So why keep the old? Well I want to keep the old for history's sake. Like a museum or screenshot into our past, our roots. So that is why I want to keep it as original as I possibly can. I am beginning to realize that may not happen but if you have any other ideas on how to preserve it that would be welcomed. The old site doesn't play nice with the new as you can probably imagine being PHP 7.
Ok, I can't now more. No time. Job calls. Can you catch me on e107.sk or gitter?  You don't need to tell me about saving old looks, I am the one who rewrittes old themes with bootstrap and who is still running sites on United Nuke from 2002 (updated for php7).
Yeah whichever you prefer. Let me know when you're free. That's awesome! I wish I could get back into the swing of things. A lot has changed. Writing themes would be pretty damn cool! I really appreciate the help!
You have PM. I am waiting for client response, so...  but I am  from Central Europe, so be aware time zones.
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