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when i click on a profile, it goes to a white page. i dont know what the problem is
e107 version Version 2.1.7
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Problem is caused old e107 v 7 plugin Arcade Addons  (not original kroozearcade_menu) or so, that uses user extended fields and they work different way in version 2. Possible  solution is to remove related shortcodes in theme user template. Without access to source code hard to say and I don't remember how I fixed this in other old plugins.

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ok i gotcha, but which shortcodes

I do this very often -  remove all and you will see. I would start with these:


If it helps, you have source. If not, it's deeper. 

Why you can't share this plugin? Is it paid or what? I think that author would be glad to have it fixed for version 2.

i can share with you.. maybe you can help me with a lightbox. what is your email :)
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White pages often point to (similar to 403) to either a coding issue or a styling issue. Something does upset the working.
Best to check is calling the page source and look if it loads up to a certain point (at end there the issue starts) OR does not show anything at all.
If nothing is there, you will need to check the theme/template in use. Hard to tell what exactly does it. Some small changes made (manual enhancements et can have an influencec..). A div, ; etc..language related....
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I've got blocked with PM.  It's not  like chat room.  

Here:  https://e107.org/developer-manual/getting-started/debugging

use [debug=-]

where do i do this? lol im not good at php

It has nothing with php.  Do you read this:   If you don't wish to use the debugger, you can still activate various debugging modes manually, by changing the query string of the url. ie. directly after .php? add [debug=xxxx]   

So change you URL, before you used [debug=basic+]

it worked, i guess ill leave the profile thig alone. its not in the cards. or can you download the user Plugin?
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