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       My install stops at 6 also but i'm not using xwamp or what ever. I'm using centos 7 and ISPManager for a control panel and php7.2 also MySQL and everything I have tried fails please help me out here. I'm new to E_107 but I think it's a great system!


e107 version Version 2.1.7
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Can you elaborate on 'stops' please? Do you get any errors, can you show a screenshot?
Be sure that you have Frontend theme selected (blue frame with tick). It just happened to me when I removed Voux theme to save diskspace - there was no error about not selected theme. It just stopped.

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Please click right on Installation, there are a few posts regarding this issue.
I do not know how Centos is setup, but i would guess you need to install (or activate) the php xml function.
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