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Hi Team, 

Getting strange display issues with fresh install from GIT. On Off buttons are not rendered. Standard admin theme. When reaching a page with a switcher button, for example the admin cache (or prefs), the button is not displayed as per the second cache options, but click it twice and it swishes in from the left to right as per the first cache option. Just wondered if anyone else has this. 

Only thing to note, was on install did have an error about exif needed, but I have not looked at that yet.

Is there a way to re-run the installer checks? 



e107 version Latest Git on PHP 5.6
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Strange it has just stopped doing it? Will update if it does it again.

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Aha, I had increased the memory setting in cpanel > MultiPHP INI Editor 



ED: Also I was getting please enter the signup page captcha code - when I had, then increased to 512M and the code was accepted. 

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