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Hi all, I used e107 in years gone past and loved it. I've recently been using e107 2.1.7 to create a website for my cycle club.
They are currently using a phpbb3 forum and i took the forum database from that, altered it a little so that it would work with the e107 forum and everything seemed to be going well.

I was having a look over it last night and noticed that at the bottom of the forum page, the "next" button will send me back to the forums index. As does the drop down menu to choose a page to view.
The link the next page button is generating "forum_viewforum.php?p=2" instead of "forum_viewforum.php?id=3&p=2" (it works if i manually type it in the address bar. The previous page button does the same)

Is this a known fault/problem or have I misconfigured something somewhere?
e107 version 2.1.7
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Sounds like a bug. Posted on github: https://github.com/e107inc/e107/issues/3087
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Cheers, Yeah that was me too!

Posted that on there after here.
Was this ever addressed?

I looked around and didn't find an answer/solution, and it's happening on my forum now too ...
Yes, it was a bug in e107 which was fixed back in 2018. Which e107 version are you using?

You know what; I think I'm the one who flaked here ....

Version 2.1.7

I had this site up for years and didn't update it, apparently ...

I thought I'd updated it before I archived it last; obviously I did not ...

(I went into the control panel and hit "upgrade" to the elements, however, I/it must not have upgraded the whole site ... This makes sense, I think, upon recalling my recent actions with it)

So, upgrading it (fully) should fix this then?

Yeah, definitely go ahead and update to the latest version. Please do create a backup before doing any updates in general (in this case, files and database). The forum issue should be resolved then.
I back up EVERYTHING before I do anything like upgrading ...

Coolness; I'll work on that tonight and post in here how it goes ...

Thanks for your rapid replies, and quick (hopeful) resolution ....

Cheers to you in the New Year; I'll let you know what happens ...
Excellent! Looking forward to hearing the outcome, and have a great new year!

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