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Hello, I would like to use the landing zero theme, but unfortunately I deleted the page / menu where you can set the header. So the area where it says "Simple, One Page Design
A free landing page theme with video background. The text you are reading is the "Welcome Message".
Visit the admin area to modify. "

Which menu name do I have to enter to be able to process this again? I ask for help :/
e107 version 2.1.7
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7 Answers

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Ah okay Thank you :) I had found it :)

But how can I remove the two links below the admin area button or can I change them?
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Small lesson (if needed, nice to know) > Open up the language folder of theme > English php.
There you will find the text represented by those at button view on FP. SO here it would be the def ine LAN_LZ_THEME_01 and 2.
Now you know that the easiest is to look if theme php uses such coding > and yes it does...( see line 258 of theme php.

REMOVE : Ok, There's the one with 01..at end; you CAN delete the whole line...BUT it is also linked !! No need for it ? go ahead..  

CHANGE :Since you use/are German ? using German lang pack? You are able to translate English.php also into German.php (in theme lang folder!!) and use as descriptive texts German words...Those would appear when running German..

Note the 01 is a define 'code'  to appear on THAT spot;  where Toggle is a shortcode which holds/calls the define/text/ inside the shortcode itself.. (so 2 methods running here).
An update of the system MIGHT overwrite your customizing!!
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Thank you so much :D
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