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Hello, I would like to use the landing zero theme, but unfortunately I deleted the page / menu where you can set the header. So the area where it says "Simple, One Page Design
A free landing page theme with video background. The text you are reading is the "Welcome Message".
Visit the admin area to modify. "

Which menu name do I have to enter to be able to process this again? I ask for help :/
e107 version 2.1.7
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It is an installed piece... ( you will find it in theme folder/install > install xml file part > Generic)
If possible : keep it simple ,  set BS theme, delete the theme Landing and install fresh (complete) ?
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I've already tried that, but unfortunately it did not work :( Is there no other option?
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Think i misunderstood (sorry); that piece of text > Simple, One Page Design
A free landing page theme with video background

is called from within the Welcome Message (it may alter when using a different theme, as each (if content is set to not override) will display other texts.. So that is the easy part..
In all other circumstances it might be that you expect a video background (like : 
The theme (as pack) calls a video from elsewhere (outside source), but that movie (mp4) is no longer available. You will need to add a movie yourself ( see theme manager /LZ/ tab preferences (url path).
I (for myself) uploaded a small mp4 in the system, and used the systems url to display the movie..

If no movie is found it will display the 'brick' wall (still image).
hope this is somewhat more to what you like to see/do



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My problem is that I no longer know which page titles or menu titles or menu names I need to edit the whole thing.


I know it's very hard to describe what I want to do

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NO problem. do it in German ( i can read it ) Will translate for English readers.
None of the above...
The things i mentioned is Welcome Message > German : Willkommens Nachricht it is a seperate item in admin. It can be activated/ yes or no If you change the Frontpage (Startseite) it may be deactivated. Wm is a shortcode, not a menu. (although when using WM in admin, you can add a few, and all with own texts) ( see theme php line example : 257 {WMESSAGE=force}   where Wmessage is called; and here forced (hardcoded position and forced),
The images you post are for creating pages and/or menus with there own titles etc.. (you can see where to use/select them (depending layout) in Menu-Manager, when (as menu)  'self-made'. Pages can be used in site links or else..

Info : https://e107.org/developer-manual/theme-basics  nearly half down the page..



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