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Hello, I am working on a plugin for my team. This plugin will get information from the database and display this information on a php page called (sxml.php). Currently using the default code of the sxml.php it will display user information that they typed into the database.


I want to intergrate that code into e107 to be managed correctly. Some information about the current sxml.php - The game is Arma 3, in arma 3 it ask for a Squad XML URL (http://sitename.com/sxml.xml) - This generates in game a team tag at the end of the player's name 'PVT G.Hickups [315thDiv]' with information about the team, displays the team logo on a patch on the player's arm or vhecile. The code I am using ask the user on the e107 website for some information, and sxml.php generates that information - so the squad xml url is now (http://sitename.om/sxml.php - or if you make sxml.php into index.php then the link would be http://sitename.com)


I want to take the next step forward with this concept - So that I don't have to make multiple sxml.php's and have each different player typed a different URL. So what I've done so far was make the admin panel for the plugin, have it so each user can enter thir information into the user settings, and depending on which class they are in they get a tag, and custom image for that tag.


The issue I run into is the code for the sxml.php (or index.php) - I have it coded and have no syntax errors, when I go to the page (http://sitename.com/e107_plugins/sxml/index.php) I get an XML error.


XML Parsing Error: not well-formed
Location: http://sitename.com/e107_plugins/sxml/index.php
Line Number 4, Column 2:</squad>


Can I get some help on this?
e107 version 1.0.4
closed with the note: https://github.com/LaocheXe/SquadXML-PHP
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What is the content of the XML file?

<squad nick="ESN">

<name>Example Squad Name</name>




<title>Use this e.g. for your squads name or your squads URL</title>


<member id="123456" nick="=[ESN]=John">

<name>John Doe</name>



<remark>Mostly harmless</remark>




Each Members would add a new <member> section.




Here is the index page that gets the user information from the database and displays it - http://squad.1stcavdiv.us

Source Code Download - http://1stcavdiv.us/Squadxml-e107plugin.zip

Some help would be nice if any at all

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