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I just started using E107 cms today and I learner about cms alot. only problem updating to new version. as i know 2.1.5 is a stable version  how i can update from 2.1.5 to 2.1.7 with no issue
e107 version 2.1.5
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With no issue is always depending on what you actually changed (if so) else it would run rather smoothly.

To get familiar with websites overall, i would use this as a small lesson too.
Make a backup by ftp from all the files and the database first. Dbase is always most important. (to restore all if errors arise).
This is the 'manual' labour part basically.

But e107 can do it too. Go to admin/tools look at the functions present..It can make a dbase copy etc (but that is only for system (kind of incremental; so not a full one with all included).

Now the ability for updates should a) be given a message that an update is available (goes for plugins/themes databse settings ; language packs AND version.

2) by ftp : get the 2.1.7 pack (best unpack at pc); upload and overwrite all (do the same if using languages)

3) beware!! take care

Go to admin/preferences/advanced settings (bottom left) and activate developer mode (do switch OFF when done).

Next go to admin/tools again and see the added functions.. There is one called sync with github.. this will download and upload the latest files (development) and is a little ahead on the actual 2.1.7 version.. (continous under dev..) hit it and see what happens, but beware!
(if red warning appears you could try again , does it not work completely > likely server issue) it COULD happen that the installment trows errors after that. and then hopefully some backup exist.
(do not want to spook you, but that is one of the reason allover to have backups before great changes).

Nor mally if your own site is fine, you should not get any weird things (notice that a message (upd) can appear)

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I don't know if this adds anything but in short this is what I do:

1. download the latest full version
2. download e107config.php from my own website into this downloaded version
3. (download language files and insert them in the downloaded version)
4. delete install.php
5. upload everything to my server overwriting existing files

It's always advised to make regular backups in case things go wrong. Some providers have these already available. It depends.
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Exactly .....this covers the most foolproof scenario (expands option 2; by ftp) 
Small note: full version MIGHT (depends which version is used; from org or github) have install php in pack.

For upgrading this file should not reside on server ( the config file would be present, but as mentioned.. a (correct) copy is always handy..

(Personal note : this is a kiss method ( proven concept) enlightened
prepare ALL in one go, so you only have to do it once in a single complete way. 

The admin part ( and evtentualy dbase) of course is a seperate path.

restoring from backup
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I tried to use only latest stable version but I always ended with github version because update is easier this way.

- Set developer mode ON

- go to Database /Tools

- select sync with Github

- SET developer mode OFF
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