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Hello Community, I'm new to e107 and trying to install on my localhost but it just fails at stage 4, file permission check.

I have done CHMOD on the mentioned directory and files but still the error persist, need assistance. here is the error and list of files that need permission.

File not writable:
Folder not writable:
Folder not writable:
e107_system/ Ensure all the listed files exist and are writable by the server. This normally involves CHMODing them 777, but environments vary - contact your host if you have any problems.

I use CENTOS 7 as an Operating System.
e107 version e107_2.1.6
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Well not familiar with CentOs , but as being a linux thing : are you OWNER ( root ?)(not group;not user); and by reading on subject : (you might need to do yourself too) if you are using ntfs drive(s) It are just pointers, as i do not use linux based systems anymore
in root directory of your website write 2 commands or if you use "filezilla" set chmod 755 dir and 644 files.

in shell write this

find . -type d -exec chmod 755 {} +

find . -type f -exec chmod 644 {} +

 and it's work sure because chmod 777 is not a good idea ;) because "suPHP" dont work correctly

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