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I got a question. Im trying to make a new menu with a banner ad (like adsense or any other banner) script, but it wont let me, instead i get this error:


Error 403 - Access forbidden


What can you do now?

You are not permitted to retrieve the URL or link you requested.
Please inform the administrator of the referring page if you think this error page has been shown by mistake.

The URL you've requested requires a correct username and password. Either you entered an incorrect username/password, or your browser doesn't support this feature."

My head explodes soon, ive been trying different settings in admin and other things but nothing helps,

I need your help e107!

e107 version i dont know :(
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2 Answers

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version > admin> last item on bar> phpinfo > look at left column.
Most likely cause the actual script (code) you are using..

Not all scripting is allowed..(security) and by setting admin/prefs/security you are able to do SOME more but not all.

Most cases you have to recode the script, or use  js calls in footer etc... Hard tot tell what happens at your site.
And please consider the outcome of what is posted. That in itself also gives clues.. you are doing something which is not allowed, but not clear what throws in the message. Not all is from system itself..
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Shall i test to switch from php 5.6 to 7.0?
I tryed chaning php to 7.0, it didnt work :(
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I heard i could add the banner ad (like adsense) in a new menu, so that is what i tryed to do on my site, and got that error. I read through some of the topics here, and thing about htaccess etc.

"version > admin> last item on bar> phpinfo > look at left column."

I'm not to sure where to find this, im not a huge code expert, do u mean phpinfo in FTP or admin area?

edit: the version im using is v2, which i saw in index.php, and php higher than 5.3, my host is 5.6 and higher, so that can't be the problem.

edit 2: i found the page you where refering to inside admin area, so what can i do now?

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Are you willing to share your code (hopefully it gets accepted when posting) If credentials in use please change them, but do not disrupt the coding..
Best use the 'quote'  ( the double apos on top)  function to post.
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