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I just downloaded this theme and really like it the only problem is where is says main content area (Menus Area) where the news for e107 is suppose to show it does not it only shows in the themes built in version.

If its possible I wanted to make two seperate areas for news being the top half that the theme has built in and the basic bottom half that is for e107 alone.


Thanks for your time.


PS I am trying to match the layout on the preview picture of the theme. I looked at the full picture view of the theme I'm not sure if the news area is the area labeled Kultura or not.
e107 version 2.1.6
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As i understand the theme build the main content area is not supposed to carry news items. Only for stories  pages, etc (eg welcome message etc.).( in theme php shortcodes like this {BOOTSTRAP_GRID_NEWS_FEATURES_   ......... etc define the position. Do remember : the theme uses its own sets of news templating....

The theme uses 4 'layouts' with hardcoded shortcodes calling different News related items like categories.

The more cats are present, the more is visible..
Do experiment using all 4 layout settings and assign some news items to different templates and so on. Just change settings In news use preferences (including last template setting) and watch each outcome..
In regular use it will likely not all be filled (as it reacts more to more items)..

Too hard to tell what you like to see, as there are more possibilities...
Kultura is again a combination of news cat and layout (image = fully stuffed demo)
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Oops, accidently used BS_02 has some small differences, however overall is the same..
In regards to demo image (as discovered by visiting Fizi he did have https://github.com/e107inc/hits  the "Hits' plugin installed too...

Of course you are free to visit Fizi and become member?  and ask questions there too : http://fizithemes.hu/h%C3%ADrek/view/139/free-themes/free-theme-bs-magazine-theme
So your saying that after posting so much news in both area's that I wont see the same thing over lapping like that ?.
No. as original question was to get a 'equal'view : added the info that  when demo image was created, some content ALSO was presented by that plugin too. (BS1 should have the plugin already install itself) so it seems one has only to avtivate(use) it (inside theme folder install /plug readme file)

I don't know if this will help or not but just wanted I got the email the other day from fizi and the way he puts it is a little hard for me to understand.

The news item inserted via shortcode by categories.

And I set the shorcodes that latest news (what you insert into the category) appears in the category and in the top of page (latest news)

You can set it in the theme_shortcode.php.

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Just did install bs 1 to see what goes on..
On my testsite i do not have alot of news or content items so i look what happens when doing stuff.

Ok, let's hope i understand what Fizi meant : (loose based on what i see happen and code)

News items ARE being inserted by use of shortcodes 'calling' categories
He also set the shortcodes so, that latest news (belonging to a category) and so it should appaer in the category(ies) AND on top of the page...

Next > the you can set : there is the file (theme_shortcodes) now is already pre coded some stuff (category calls eg: limit=4&category=8   < ergo cat 8 ) etc etc..(8 cats coded, with different layout modes).

But it gets interesting when you activate the MENU news_grid. SET IT to an area (i used HOME for experiment) and put it in Area 5 for a 'clean'look) .. and in menu_manager > click IN that menu ON the EDIT button and watch what appears... It DOES make it somewhat easier to understand (by selecting diff. stuff) and than it is trial run..  If i may suggest : use theme setting Home, and menu manager home layout and start there.. set some things and look, do it again ..and so on.. (damn... Fizi will have had a lot of headaches doing that... surprise  and... free...

btw : a working site just mentioned using BS 2  (work in progress) hope he doesn't mind  http://www.metalfromfinland.com/

Hint : if you take a look at the THEME php and see  shortcodes as {BOOTSTRAP_GRID_NEWS_FEATURES_TOP}   change them by adding spaces  like {    BOOTSTRAP_GRID_NEWS_FEATURES_TOP     }   and save; refresh the page and look what happens.
The spaces trigger the system to not see the intended code but should DISPLAY that line of text INSTEAD of the outcome of it.. (so for testing only spaces!!/ and afterwards delete spaces) that way you can find its position where used, and some learning how the theme is build...(what happens where).

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UPDATE: ok this problem has mostly been solved the only thing I am trying to figure out is how to change where the categories show in the layout for the news.

I am told that Categories 12345 show in the center column,6 is on the right & 7 and 8 on the left.

But what I am getting at is are the categories Identfified by the Category ID or what. I tried asking fizi about this but I don't think he understands what I am getting at.

Again thanks for any help.
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Well small tested..

It seems 7 need a div etc.. to go to left side..

Anyway : look at the picture.. You have to differ from HARDCODED area's and MENU AREA's

At the moment i put a news item into 1 of the categories it will trigger the HARDcoded area + main news layout. (for display you have to change the 'location' (news item edit).

With the grid menu (menu) you can change again some displaying settings, individual from hardcoded.
Now ALL is done by Category NAME  independant of the ID (so id does not matter for this) .

A CAT 8 will display (hardcoded) in the left side)  Using the menu (grid_menu) i than can add other things in a area below that hardcoded piece..

So CATS is the drive overall,   > news_grid (menu setting) divided in 3  sources (latest/sticky etc..) with some layout display column width; and limits how many are shown...and cat selection)

I hope the image will display fully (ext link provided)


note by changing the lines in the theme_shortcodes file you can make other arrangments (by own wish)


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No it does not, as it can be (parts of) be incorporated into others.. Of course you would be able (assumption, not tested) to serve it as a 'own' file (like many js files or alike), by altering 'call paths. However it also implies that you (likely) are faced with other (future) based things.

In that i mean, updates, changes to... etc...  As long as you have a 'locked' system (not prone to any new changes eg position frozen in time/not for actual content) than i think it could work. (Similar to long live ago established v1 users, who now face new obstacles switching (often 'must by server software) to v2.)
(sorry have to translate dutch thoughts into english).
adding  some search revealed some paths (look for them in ...web/lib/bootstrap/ and maybe ...web/js/selectize....
I'm soorry I am so late with this reply,I ran into some problems trying to edit that file apparently I was not suppose to touch that.

So he mentioned using the Container fluid tags as below in the theme.php file of the theme

<div class="container-fluid"> <div class="row"> ... </div> </div>

I don't know very much about the <div> tags as I tested it but crashed and burned.


Again big thanks for any help.
  • Rows must be placed within a .container (fixed-width) or .container-fluid (full-width) for proper alignment and padding
  • Use rows to create horizontal groups of columns

Copied from : https://www.w3schools.com/bootstrap/bootstrap_grid_system.asp

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Hello. The theme of the website is very good and beautiful. But there is one problem on the forum. If the topic of the forum a lot of messages very uncomfortable to scroll to the end of one page. How to make a move immediately to the last page of the topic?
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No problem on forum, it is a user wish.. Forum is not a 'build' piece inside this theme.
Forum is a plugin with templates and use pagination on pages according settings. Some themes use adapted forum templates where the next/prev (pagination) is used on top AND bottom. That could be an option. NO current examples running so have to do it out of my head. I am not sure if forum can use ASC or DESC.. (put that only does reverse the view). So best to play with settings/views in combination with pagination.. ( maybe a good coder could incorporate go to top/go to bottom scripting > blog mode> all on 1 page)? (will likely never become an enhancement issue, but you are always free to ask so on Github ( https://github.com/e107inc/e107/issues ).
In case you try to change templates (forum) copy them to theme; do not change core (original) files location as they get updated..
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Thanks for the reply.
I already found how to do it. All is working well.

Great template website.
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