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Ok I made a new thread although we are still talking about the cd reviews. Is there a possibility to list certain pages for instance according to the template they are using? Or tags? Or Book? It will be very straightforward since I would only have a landing page that would show all the pages as a list. I originally wanted to have a cd cover on the list but I noticed you can only add images inside the page content so extracting those images to the list might be bit hard.

And when the user clicks the cd on the list it will just show the page itself.
e107 version 2.1.6 (git)
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Have a regex or good editor ? : in the code there (we can not see what actual is used) there would be a reference for ASC change that to DESC
(easiest method)  If you use things from a core file.. that is something else, is it from 3rd part plugin : go ahead; likely impact stays belonging for that plug only.. ( a core file may be overwritten during update BUT if it still is part of a plugin: move it to theme folder if possible (override) jst as note how to iff)

Got it working now. In root there is page.php and in line 471 was the sql query. I just changed the column to sort as DESC


But my question is now...is page.php core template? Do I need to worry that it gets overwritten by an update at some point?
Post it as issue on github. There should be page_order field not page_id... And yes, it will be overriden by update.
Yes you are accurate. I changed it back to page_order and just switched ASC to DESC. I am just so used of working with id's that I checked the table structure and automatically thought of using page_id instead. Thank you. I will post an issue to github.

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I found a Reviewer plugin made by Father Barry but it's made for 1.x versions of e107.


I did install it and it seems to have pretty much the stuff I would need although the graphics etc need some serious reworking. Does anyone know if this plugin contain any security flaws since I can't seem to find it as a part of plugins in Git.
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That is a question very hard to answer. As far as i am aware of, there were no known flaws in security. However...due to the nature of php and its development one has to say the what was once described as save, maybe create an issue in future version (by construct), hence software developement and issue solving leads to altenative methods. eg. once allowed may now be a risc...

Searching for any possibly known flaws (for this plugin) does not directly give clues..But it does not mean there are none, as flaws come out when usage is 'greater'. And interest of scbuds and hackers may not exist.

It has to be regarded (product) in the same way as f.e. Windows (or all other soft). Yes it works...is it 100% safe?  NOBODY gives assurance... You always can use third party software to scan/crwal your site for security related issues (free and paid). Or use it and keep an eye out... Sometimes 'hiding' or trying to hide the true name of the product also can help  (like a copy of the plugin and files, which uses diff names.. but normally that can be a lot of work manual as each file has to be changed in paths and names/calls dbase etc..) .

The appearance on Git is not related. Older plugins are lesser part (legacy) of the v2 content. Availability and actual compatability is also not guaranteed.

In short : if you like it (and works), and it does not display or makes flaws noticable.. who prevents you? One always takes a risc starting when pushing the ON button on the pc...
Plugin author is still active.  http://www.keal.me.uk  https://github.com/G4HDU
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