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Is there a way to sort the pages of a chapter the way I want it. They sort by alphabet. I tried to write numbers before title but this didn't help


e107 version v2
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Is not there arrows in admin area to change order? I am sure that they have order field. Blue arrow icons up.and down
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No there aren't, Site links have it
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You need to go to Pages, not Overview...   After drag and drop moving, you need to click GO button to save changed ordering.
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Go into Pages (admin) go to right side on top bar > OPTIONS : select there (mark it) the item ORDER.

Numerical order method...wink   (full numbers where 1 is top 10 bottom etcetera)

Change the number by clicking inside the field..
(refresh to see what happens > works for admin+display

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Thank you, but this doesn't help. The pages are sorted acording ID
It needs to write my order in Order field. It seems, it works
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The order of pages does not follow in the chapter as I want. It keeps only that moment.  Later everything come back
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