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Could somebody explain or indicate tutorial about book and chapters?

How to link them to main menu or ...?
e107 version v2
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Of course you may, if you need help.

But already had an idea and checked it .
You have made somehwere a mistake or a typo this is the real url https://audrone.serveriai.lt/w107/page.php?bk=9  so ID of book would be plain number 9
that is the 'book 2' called Sveikata (having 2 chapters/pages)


Oh, it means that the second book should be the same number like it's ID

I thought

page.php?bk=1 and page.php?bk=2

Thank you very much
Still one question:

what means custom fields in book or chapter/

What I could here do?
a)Books are always on ID, If you would delte a book, an ID is always bound to the actual present item

b) Not my strong field... (custom fields) but you are able to add some extra 'coded things" like a little fill-in text field or alike ..
click the type dropdown there and see what code is represented or more what it should handle.

Needs another one to explain you more.. But unsure if it is working as it already states there is a missing method... Sorry..

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There is no tutorial, It is a learn while doing...

The overall idea is JUST like a real book.
You have a BOOK title > eg. like a book title (is like a container)
Suppose it is a book about animals.. you have cats; insects etc.. (idea)
You make (example) 1 NEW book with title Cats and 1 NEW with title Insects.

Now you have 30 pages created.... 16 about different species of Cats and 14 about Insects
Now maybe you have hairless cats or taill-less cats and insects with wings etc...(idea)
Now create a CHAPTER (setting=books/chapter) UNDER (as subfolder) MAIN BOOK: CATS

CATS   (book)
-- Hairless  (chapter  includes the pages)
--Taill-less (chapter  includes the pages)

You assign EACH PAGE to one of those chapters...

And so on...

You now can have the BOOKS as links in doprdown Or maybe Chapters etc...

That is basically the idea.. do not overcomplicate it..  (staircase alike)



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hello tgtje,

OK, some time I didn't work with E-107. Today I did a book for Vambutai family. This family is created with Rodovid.org  contains many small families: Vambutai, Andruliai, Baranauskai and so on - this will be chapters. I did a chapters Vambutai - ID 16, Andruliai - id 17. In the chapters can be more pages about this subfamily. They belong to book  "Vambutų giminės sambūris" [includes for a while 2 chapters as subfolders (ID 16 and ID 17)]

The question: how to link my book to main menu. For pages I write page.php?id=xx

What to write here? My menu is from item Genealogy a subitem "Visos giminės", it should go to my book.

How to sort pages in chapter
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To menu item part. You can do it many ways. 1.Manually. 2.use batch functionality in pages - there is something like generate sitelinks 3.create new link, see part Functions (at the end of edit window) and select what you want - book, chapter etc. It automatically add new pages to menu (dropdown). Looks depends on your theme.
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Do consider the post made by @Jimako.

Alternate : manual way>

Create a sitelink (main top bar) Let us call it BOOKS  (url = page.php    no ? or id)

Now your BOOK with title Vambutų giminės sambūris  is a book with an ID too maybe 5 or 6 etc..

Now when you created the main link (BOOKS) you create a link as CHILD from parent (= BOOKS)..
Title of that would be Vambutų giminės sambūris and your URL !!!!!! = page.php?bk=5   (or similar with id number)   See the difference?  instead of page.php?ID=XXX  now BK=XXXX  (bk = books)..

 I know it is like a spoiler, (why not tell all) but sometimes try things... the more you do and experiment, the better you get comfortable with it.. (i must admit the bk is not commented much (or at all)  afaik, but using the system and observe the 'browser bars popup/unders (urls etc..) always give a clue what is happening and what is being called..
Make backups and experiment.. the more you try, the better it will go..




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Thank you tgtje,
It seems I got caught, I realized...
Which is the best way to do backups in E-107? Is there some plugin or...?

P.S. Thank you everybody but I didn't understand somethink from @Jimako...
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In my believe the BEST backup is a manual one, (and easy to do)
a) download ALL files from server (by FTP) to a folder on a harddisc drive.
b) go to customerpanel (phpmyadmin etc..) and EXPORT the database as sql file. eventually put that one         also in that harddisc folder (so all stays together).

A good method to do this is 1 time a month, so you do not loose to many things if something goes wrong..

Restoring (or moving=identical) a site is the other way around : get an empty webserver upload ALL files, and go to database, CREATE the database (by name but empty) and IMport the backupped sql file into that one..

As long as servers stay the same ( files+dbase) nothing much else to do; when moving elsewhere you need to adjust the sites url (may be done in phpmyadmin core table) and change the config file... That is in short the most common working (easiest) method.
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