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I am very interested in using e107 CMS, so I have two questions:

1) Can I use e107 for already existing sites or I can only make the new one?

2)  Is e107 absolutely free?

Thank you for your responding.

Kind regards,

e107 version 2.1.6.
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1) depends on what you are using/running ( old e107 or others (there is import function for some)

2) yes  

if you want special items or have special needs (add ons/plugins or normally mostly special designs (themes), yes that would be something one has to invest.All sells or contacts are to the designer/developer on a personal level. As a full pack (aka startup) , you do not need other extras for a working website (having most standard parts: present plugins, and some themes) (server etc.. are not taken into account). 

Need some more info : just ask.. (more details and links at http://e107.org/)


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Can you, please, tell me which version has that "import" option?

If I understood you well, e107 (basic account) is free as long as you don't demand extra options?

Thank you for your response.

All v2 versions (if new use latest).

Personally i am not experienced in the import piece, so can not add to significant issues/troubles or good working ( not much replies and comments throughout). Do keep in mind that importers normally ONLY do parts, not everything...(like users /forum etc..)

As for : account ?? This is standalone software. there is no account needed.
Only if you want something that is not supplied with the 'pack' like a certain theme (layout) or a plugin that does something.

Think of it more like : hey i need 'customized' things than you 'go' and request/post for such. Those needs (time and work) than will probably ásk'for some fee. Although easier things are also often archived, or by contribution offered free. (of course one can not speak for a designer or developer; they have to want to do it..but that is business) a lot can be achieved.. or get familiar with things and 'do it yourself' ( as many do; and that is one of the strengths of the software..). (and of course the base of opensource).



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