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I have a theme I am using that have three colums. Menu 1 or area one is on the left. Then the thene have the option to show only two colums on certain pages.

I need to know how do I make sure that the Area 1 stay teh same and not needed to update it under Menu Manager for each of these when the pages change from three to two columns. At this stage I need to set it up seperatly. In e107 Version 1 thsi was needed.

You can have a look at http://gparchery.co.za and see difference from normal pages (3 Columns) to the way Contact U s is displayed (2 Columns).

Keep in mind teh 3 Column part is also teh default where Area 1 is setup.


e107 version V 2.x
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please be so kind (since 'build'of this (origin v1 theme by looks) to post the theme php at a sharing site (post link back please) or/and read this ( http://e107.org/developer-manual/theme-basics#theme-basics) at bottom.. The real changes are you need to incorporate MENU=1 (= area) IN all other layouts and in v2 the call for custompages is done through xml file BS3 is a good example how it is done in v2  ( custom header and footers are replaced by 'pagedisplay 'layout in v2  ("$layout' followed by name)
However v1 themes should run still good (although not 100%.. it is in code where things might get stuck)

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@tgtje this doesn't help

@archer, this is new feature in version 2 and you can do nothing with it without workaround. 

"Menu placement is layout-specific in v2.x and has been like that for some years now. The alternative is convenient, but limiting." 

New is that each layout has its own set of menus. So MENU=1 for layout one is different that MENU=1 for next layout.  So you need to add menus for each layout. You can try your luck and ask developer about this new feature. But they added the way to add multiple menus to multiple layouts in menu manager, so now it's easier to manage this than was before. So I stopped to complain. 

Be warned - as soon you change default layout (maybe just for testing), you will need to set this again.

You can look:




You can use {MENU: plugin/xxxxxx} shortcode in your theme.php (it's not listed in documentation) 

You can use some textarea shortcode in theme.php to have possibility insert {MENU: plugin/xxxxxx} in admin area. It's hardcoded way how to replace Menu manager behaviour.  

Or create plugin with menu you add to each to each layout and then in your plugin manage used menus.

With theme with 5-6 layouts it's impossible manage footer menus without some other way.

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Just a note to , using  a V1 theme which has full, 2 or 3 clms with hardcode menu area should keep untouched, and still work.
When making changes to the theme in new 'styling' ...yes it becomes different. (but that is unclear (and still is helas) what is done to the theme...
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Hi Jimako

Just moved to Version 2.x. Always used Version 1.

I did some tests and realise this is the case in all themes I used. This is not a train smash. i just need to keep it in mind when I upgrade or do any system changes it will possibly impact it.

For now the impact is minimal and will look at it again at a later stage. I have three projects to finish first.

Thank you for your detail feedback.
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