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I went to go work on my site after the upgrade to the latest from the .org site. And I noticed that under the Username or Email text on the login menu it also says username and email in the input box below so it says it twice.

Anyway to remove the second one that shows in the input box below ?.

Does this make sense ?.
e107 version 2.1.5
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Strange behaviour.. login isn't really touched the last 5 months.., using own template or older theme ? ( best to inspect with browser (most can do that).

just now: no pic availble...sad

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Do you mean placeholder? Because on your picture I see only label and placeholder (text inside input box, if you click there, it vanishes. Correct?) If yes, it's correct behaviour.

If your theme uses own login_template, check it. Maybe it's enough to change lang string for placeholder...
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Ah now i can see a pic. I follow Jimako in this. it is correct behaviour ( it purpose is to make the user aware what to fill in )

Hardcoded login menu (shortcodes around line 76 $this->usernameLabel = LAN_LOGINMENU_50;  change to $this->usernameLabel = ' ';  (else parse error) If you do not want it displaying..Note : update restores. (not tested further, just by reading coding)

sorry for the long reply.

I was just wondering because it looked really weird with that saying it twice.
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