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Has anyone experienced the error message: Warning  Error uploading image even when there is no image trying to be uploaded?
e107 version 2.1.3
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Can only talk for myself : no (not seen a post else) ??? The only time such 'alike' sentence is when actual something is wrong.. Let's hear if more have it seen. Very strange (maybe some cache glitch? recently having had errors?)
1) On which page / In which area are you getting this error? News, forums? 2) Please update to 2.1.5 and retest
Update please. At least 2.1.5. The lack of information: Admin or Frontend? What part of system? Core, core plugin, theme preferencies? (I don't suppose custom plugin because you put this in core tag) Are you using media manager or tinymce field or image field? What did you before this message? browsing, editing, uploading, adding record? Really guys, we have no crystal ball. (It was general sigh, not directly to you)

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