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In V 1.04 and before e107 came iwth a plugin called tree_menu. In version 2 I don't see this anymore. I used this quite a bit on one of my sites, and need it to migrate to V2.x.

Any solutions about this and why it was removed?

e107 version V2
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Old, buggy ( it was removed from v2, as developer did not to intend to rewrite the whole) it (afaik) will run, but do NOT use images next to the links.(you may...but layout will be destroyed)

You can achieve something similar with sitelink > alt sidebar.. (or alike archive links customised etc..).
No substitution into a plugin that is...

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Thanks for your response. I am just not sure how to this. Can you maybe help?
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Ok hands on :

Go to admin/content/ Pages/Menus
Create Page/menu > Select tab MENU >
(give name = name FOR menu, Title  = what is displayed for user)

In editor post the following shortcode :  {NAVIGATION=alt4}   (or 5 etc, you will understand when using) ; (that is ALL for now) >  DONE  > save and exit and head on to admin/menu-manager .
FIND your menu (name used) and put i where the menu will be displayed eg area1, 2 ?? ); DONE

Head on to admin/Sitelinks.... Now (normally column 3 'or when in edit mode) see word/field TEMPLATE  It will display a setting like Home  TEMPLATE = 1-Main. This 'templ..' sets the position 'view'.
Now click on that setting (from link that should appear in your sidebar if menu is in there);
and change it (dropdown field) to 4-Alt.... (save done) (You do it either directly/or by edit).

All the links you have set using this method should display in your menu as simple links.
NOTE ! the only links that display are those with that setting !!! need others?

Change ONLY through edit mode menus admin/cont/page-menu > menu > paste same shortcode but with diff ending eg {NAVIGATION}  or/and {NAVIGATION=alt5} per line  etc.. play around and you will get it, i am sure. use your imagination for extras...  (also peek in sitelinks options to play with...).




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